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This is an accessible but thought-provoking introduction to labour law. It is suitable for those coming to the subject for the first time, and it will also be of interest to more advanced students, including postgraduates, who need to think about the subject's broader themes. The academic literature on labour law makes considerable use of human rights arguments and of economic analysis. Both of these approaches provide valuable insights into the underlying policy of the law but they can be rather off-putting for students who do not know the international human rights instruments, or who have no background in economics. This book introduces these wider perspectives on labour law and then applies them to a selection of topics, including anti-discrimination law, dismissal, working time, pay, consultation and collective bargaining, trade union membership and industrial action.

Teaching And Learning The European Union: Traditional And Innovative Methods Libro Patria PDF

This volume examines the EU’s changing educational context and its challenges. Based on an extensive survey of more than 2000 European Studies courses in 30 European...

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Today the European Union accounts for over 20 million enterprises active on the European market. 94% of these companies are micro enterprises, occupying less than 10 people,...

Fairies, Princes, Dwarves, and More | Children's European Folktales Archivos PDF

To kids, folktales are stories of magic and faraway places. But you let your kids read those stories because of the values that can be deduced from them. More importantly,...

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Concern about the impact of air pollution has led governments and local authorities across the world to regulate, among other things, the burning of fossil fuels, industrial...

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